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Dr. Naya Kalfeli

Teaching Staff

Investigative Journalism & Refugee / Migration Flows

Dr. Naya Kalfeli is currently an adjunct lecturer at Aristotle University and the University of Western Macedonia teaching Media Diversity and Journalism. She holds a PhD in Journalism, a MA in International and European Studies and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her research intends to answer questions on how the media portray diversity and how these portrayals affect people’s perceptions and attitudes about the world we live in and about the “Others”, with a special focus on refugees and migrants. She has been a European Social Fund Research Fellow conducting a research project which used an experimental approach to measure the effects of media representations of migration and the refugee crisis on inter-group relationships between Greeks and refugees/ migrants. She has participated in many international and national conferences and published in prestigious international scientific journals (Journalism, Journalism Studies).

Dr. Naya Kalfeli

Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Adjunct Lecturer at the Communication and Digital Media Department, University of Western Macedonia

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