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Coordinator: Savvatou Tsolakidou

Students need to complete an internship in international organizations, public entities, and NGOs involved in the refugee/migration issue. To secure internship positions, the Department of Communication and Media Studies and the Director of the program sign memoranda of cooperation with the entities (Ministry of Migration and Asylum, international organizations like the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration, and other NGO’s) to which the students will be assigned for their internships. The Coordinating Committee assigns students to one or a two-month part-time internship, which lasts at least 70 hours. During the internship, students draft a paper which is graded. The internship amounts for 5 ECTS. Students that work in NGOs or entities involved in the refugee/migration issue are exempt from the internship but need to submit a relevant paper. Students complete their internships in public, private or international entities for a maximum of two months. The activity of students in their internships is evaluated a) based on the report by their supervisor and b) based on the relevant paper the students submit. The internship can be paid or unpaid, based on the resources of the entities receiving the students. Students are assigned their internship positions from February until July of each year, after said positions are approved by the Coordinating Committee. The internship is supervised by a professor in charge, who also grades the relevant papers.

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