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Asst. Professor Nikos Papanastasiou


Forced Migration

Field of specialization, studies, work experience:

Nikos Papanastasiou is an Assistant Professor in Modern and Media History at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Communication & Media Studies). He studied Greek and European history at the University of Athens (Department of History and Archaeology) and holds a doctorate from the University of Augsburg/Germany. 

Description of prior teaching/training activities:

Among the modules he has taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, are:

  • Media History

  • International Crises and the Media

  • Propaganda in the 20th Century

  • Populism in European Politics

Additional information (such as publications, awards, link, etc):

He has published numerous articles on WWI, Greek-German Relations in the 20th century (German Occupation of Greece and Collaboration), as well on Postwar and Media History. He recently co-edited the volume (in Greek) “The ‘Long’ Greek-German 20th Century. The Dark Shadows in the Bilateral History” (Epikentro Publ. 2018)

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