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Refugee / Migration Flows – Old and New Media

Coordinator: Pantelis Vatikiotis

The module draws, theoretically and empirically, on diverse perspectives and issues on the intersection of migration and media - both old, traditional (first part) and new, online media (second part) - at international/European/national and local level. It tackles representations of migrants and refugees, stereotypes in the media, discourses about migration issues, ethnic/minority/diasporic media, and migrants’ use of new, digital media practices. In this regard, it evaluates journalistic coverage and practices, populist rhetoric and the formation of public opinion; it probes into the relation between race, ethnicity, religion and migration; it discusses issues of mobility, social inequalities, solidarity, connectivity, surveillance and resistance; and, it considers the implications of refugees’/migrants’ media and communication practices, and their experience, in times of refugee/migrant crisis and mass movements.

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