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It is announced that the graduation ceremony for the postgraduate students of the Department of Communication and Media Studies who have completed their studies during the examination periods of February 2024, June 2023 and September 2023 will take place on Friday June 28, at 11:00am, at Aggelopoulou Room, 11 Aristidou Street.

Students to be sworn in should submit an application form electronically to the Secretariat of the Department, at the email, with the subject «swearing–in application», by Friday June 21 at the latest.

A prerequisite for the submission of the swearing-in application is the electronic submission of the thesis to «Pergamos», as well as the delivery of the academic ID card to the Secretariat (If you have lost your academic identity card, you must submit a declaration of loss, DECLARATION OF LAW 1599, DECLARING LOSS).

See the full announcement of the Department at

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