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Investigative Journalism and Refugee / Migration Flows


Coordinator: George Pleios

A project in investigative journalism requires that a journalist recognizes and exposes an important public matter that would be otherwise concealed, either deliberately or accidently.
Participants learn how to identify a project that is in the public interest, how to prepare an action plan, to dig deeply into it, to conduct investigative interviews, in order to plan a convincing story and present ways and means that can be used to have the problem corrected.
The module consists of two parts: The first part will focus on the theoretical discussion concerning the distinct stages of planning, researching and reporting for an investigative story that has to adhere to accepted standards of accuracy and evidence. The latter part involves hands-on experience by professionals with extensive and recognized work on the field, who will present inputs on how to avoid legal pitfalls, how to take under consideration possible risks and how codes of conduct and journalistic ethics are effective means of creating an improved environment for responsible investigative journalism.

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